Our activity

Culture more respectful


For LHUILLIER champagnes, viticulture is combined also with nature. Indeed, in recent years the treatment of vines is environmentally responsible and to do so we started a phase of study of the reduction of pesticides to treat our vines. On a plot of 5 hectares pesticides were simply replaced by the algae of Norway.


This helps to halve the volume of conventional treatment by this method, it is not stamped bio, contributes to a greater respect for the land and crops. We produce with this new treatment champagne brut nature from the year 2013.


A museum of technology and equipment


On the farm, visitors come to learn about our wines, wanting to know more, mayvisit our wine museum. Adjacent to the modern production equipment that we use to grow our champagnes, they will see the old equipment and techniques previously used for the different stages of the culture of the vine. Thousands of parts and are exposed to visitors eager to learn. Free access to the museum.


A price of "beauty" to "exploitation"


Concerned about the quality of our products, we are also all of our operations. That is why we wanted to make a special effort in the appearance of the entire site LHUILLIER champagnes. We therefore obliged to flourish and embellishment. The result of this effort for the beautification sites operating professionals, this is the price we received: 1st prize Regional cellars flowers. It recognizes our desire to welcome more peoplecome on the farm.


Discover our latest batch based Fleur de Lys, made with our traditional machines.


Our catalog is available, you will find our range of champagnes. Prices shown are those in the cellar. For orders via internet, postage extra.